Andrew Jackson’s Hermitage in Nashville

The Hermitage, located 4580 Rachels Ln, Nashville, TN 37076-1331, is a Tennessee landmark that has been open to the public, and the house, which served as President Andrew Jackson’s home for more than 40 years and features 30 historic buildings on 1,120 acres of land, welcomes 200 thousand visitors annually, including many school students from all 50 states and foreign countries who come in order to learn about American history.

The Andrew Jackson Foundation aims to preserve the home of one of America’s most influential presidents, educate those who visit about his life and legacy in order to inspire their citizenship.

The Andrew Jackson Foundation, a nonprofit organization that was originally named the Ladies’ Hermitage Association, operates The Hermitage daily to increase public understanding of life and times from President Andrew Jackson. They aim to do this through preservation, interpretation, exhibition education research as well as publication in their quest for inspiring citizenship and pride within today’s world.

The foundation strives at accomplishing these goals by promoting an interest in not only history but also events happening now, which is why it is important they teach about both topics because, without each other, there would be no balance between ideas with how one relates or doesn’t relate back into current situations.

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The Hermitage has been open to the public for more than 130 years. It ranks as one of the most visited historic site museums in America and attracts visitors from all over the world, so tours are available in five languages.

Visit the Hermitage to witness a duel between two Southern gentlemen, Andrew Jackson’s Duel: The Art of the Gentleman. You’ll learn about how duels used to happen and then see an ACTUAL demonstration by our historical re-enactors.

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Nashville’s premier historical landmark is also a National Historic Landmark housing over the half-a-century worth of artifacts owned by one man: Andrew Jackson (7th US president). After being closed for ten years while undergoing renovation work after a fire destroyed much of its structure in 1837, this brick building has seen an increase in popularity.

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