Frequently Asked Questions

What do you do with the trash that is removed?

All items are properly disposed of at a State registered dump facility or transfer station.

Does your Dumpster service accept charge cards?

Yes. We accept MasterCard, Discover, AmEx and Visa.

Do I pay for the whole dumpster, even if I only have a single item to throw away?

The landfill charges by the container load. So, please call us and we will help give you an estimate on the correct size.

Is your company insured and licensed?

Yes. We are fully insured and licensed. You can be assured that your business, home and property are fully protected and that all items will be properly disposed of.

Can you tell me the price over the phone?

We will give you a price over the phone and provide a certificate of disposal before delivery.

How far in advance should I book delivery?

We often can deliver your dumpster or pick up your items the same day you call. But please try to schedule the work in advance to make sure the work can be done in a timely fashion.

Can you remove junk without a dumpster if I am not on site?

Yes. When we arrive we will call you as needed.

How much trash can you carry away and what sizes do you provide?

Our trucks can lift over 18 tons and we provide 10, 15, 20, 30, & 40-yard dumpsters.

Can you come after hours or on weekends?

We will try to meet your scheduling needs. We have trucks on the weekends.

Is the cost of unloading at the dump or land fill included in my price?

Yes. The cost of our certified disposal is included.

Is it better to get junk pickup service or a dumpster delivered?

Full pickup service includes workers who will remove any items from inside your house or place of business. Otherwise, if you can move the items yourself into a dumpster placed on your property, it will be the least expensive solution.

Can you deliver a dumpster if I am not on site?

Yes. Just let us know where the dumpster should be placed, or we can find a safe spot.

What size dumpsters are available?

We offer 10 yard ,15 yard, 20 yard, 30 yard, and 40 yard containers. Our 10 and 15 yard containers measure about 8’x12′. Our 20 to 40 yard containers measure 8’x22′.

When do I pay for the dumpster?

The dumpster fees will be charged at the time of delivery or you can set up a commercial account for your business and we can bill you.

What items should not be placed into dumpsters?

Hazardous materials including: chemicals, gasoline, oils, refrigeration, tires, paints, solvents, car batteries, asbestos containing materials, propane tanks or any type of toxic waste.

Can I move my Roll-off dumpster?

Sure. Feel free to slide it with a truck or loader. Please be careful not to damage the door or sides.

How high can I load my dumpster?

The State DOT requires that the dumpster be filled only to the top edge. If over-loading occurs you may have to off-load or press the load down further.

Roll-off & Dumpster Drop Site Disclaimer

Please provide placement instructions with your order. Due to the uncertain soil conditions and sub-surface terrain, we cannot be held responsible for any damage to customer’s driveways, curbs, lawns, walks, wells or septic systems. Please make us aware of any underground utilities that might be affected by taking delivery of the container.

What items will you take away in your junk pick-up service?

Our Dumpster services will haul away most items that we can lift and put in our trucks. Here is a partial list of items we will take:

  • Appliances & Electronics – stove, refrigerator, freezer, dishwasher, washer/dryer, TV’s, dehumidifier, microwave, stereo, computers, monitors, printers & more.
  • Furniture – couch, table, chair, mattress/box spring, carpeting, dresser, piano & more.
  • Demolition Material – lumber, roofing, fencing, concrete, drywall, sheetrock & more
  • Junk – boxes, books, cardboard, old tools, tires,
  • Miscellaneous – lawn equipment, water heaters, furnaces & heavy & bulky items.

What items will you not take away?

We are not able to take any hazardous materials including chemicals, gasoline, oils, paints, solvents, car batteries, asbestos or asbestos containing materials, propane tanks or any types of toxic waste.

Why can’t you take paint and other chemicals?

We are not legally able to carry hazardous materials without a permit. Please call us with your specific type of item and we will help with disposing of any hazardous materials.

Do you charge extra for any items?

Usually not. Certain items have landfill surcharges. These include: air conditioners, refrigerators, auto/truck tires, but they cannot be loaded in the dumpster.