Is Clarksville TN a nice place to live?

1. Clarksville is a nice place to live.

People are generally open and friendly. It is a great location if you want to live close to Nashville but not in the city. Clarksville has many nice areas – it’s extremely diverse and there’s something for everyone.

My favorite part of living here is that I can easily get anywhere I want from Clarksville within a half hour or less time frame, whereas before (living in Arkansas) it was almost an hour one way to get into town/away from home when going out on the weekends… again this was without traffic so still had plenty of breathing room time-wise (drive times do depend on your route though).

2. There are many things to do in the area, including hiking and kayaking on the beautiful river.

The main street is very nice and you can get to almost every place you need on it.

There are a ton of places to eat – from fast-food restaurants to five-star restaurants, there is something for everyone no matter what your taste buds desire.

If I had any complaint about Clarksville, Tn it would have to be that sometimes things here do seem a bit behind with new technology or trends, however, this doesn’t really bother me as much as some people in the area might find it annoying.  Also since this isn’t really a “big city” type of place, parking will be somewhat of an issue depending on where you live/are visiting… (which has been somewhat difficult at times).

3. The cost of living is low with a median home price of around $120,000.

Food prices are also low, especially compared to other parts of the country/world. Also, it is a great location for those who like being close to Nashville but want to set up shop in the Clarksville area.

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I would say my biggest complaint is that there aren’t a lot of jobs here as it has been difficult at times finding work and then keeping work (since many companies have minimum-hour requirements rather than hourly).

The area isn’t known for having high pay or being an extremely wealthy area – however, there are still people here with plenty of money and they live very nice lives – just not sure how they keep all that “extra” money; maybe they don’t! To my knowledge though the cost of living here is still affordable for everyone, and I have yet to encounter anyone who was living below the poverty line (you always hear about places with “poverty issues” but not here).

4. The city has been named one of America’s best places to live by Forbes magazine multiple times over the years.

It is a great place to live and raise kids.

You can find all sorts of things to do for entertainment by just taking a walk around downtown Clarksville… it has something for everyone from restaurants to bars to parks, etc.

I would say the biggest complaint (issue) might be that co-workers/employers seem very demanding in terms of working long hours without compensation or extra pay; this seems somewhat common with companies here and I think a lot of people may have issues with that – just my personal opinion!

The city is safe, however, there are areas where you should not go alone after dark. Also, if you live on the north side of the river – which is more for families and students – there have been a few murders recently (2012) and there is talk about drug dealers/crack houses moving in. However, these are not necessarily typical of the entire north side and we are still working on pushing them out/cleaning up that area.

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Clarksville has plenty to offer – it’s clean, friendly, affordable… more parks than you can go to in a year almost with hiking trails around every corner! The mall is nice; we have one of the best-kept secrets here in Clarksville: “Pump It Up” which offers birthday parties for kids where they can play all day – from slides to jump pads to obstacle courses.

If you are looking for a great place to live and raise kids, Clarksville is an excellent choice. From the beautiful hiking trails that surround it to the low cost of living, this city has something for everyone no matter what your interests may be.

The only downside I have seen so far seems like the long hours without compensation or extra pay which can seem common with companies in this area; just my personal opinion!  I hope you’ll find these insights helpful as you make plans about where to move next year. If not – let me know and we will help create a plan that’s perfect for you based on how your customer thinks (and buys).

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