Is Clarksville TN safe?

What is Clarksville TN’s crime rate compared to other places in the US?

Clarksville is safer than the average city of its size. We are in between Nashville and Knoxville and right on top of some really bad places (Knoxville – Memphis). If we compare Clarksville to other similar cities, we’re well above many and far below only a few.

What crimes are most common? And where do they occur at the highest frequency?

Violent Crime: Highest rate, in general, occurs northeast of the Cumberland River bridge around downtown including Riverside Park, specifically Main Street. The bridge area is best avoided by tourists as it has no touristy attractions at all except for Riverside Park, which you can visit after dark if you like but there is not much to see anyway. 95% of violent crimes occur in a concentrated area of about 3 square miles and are committed by both locals and tourists.

How much crime is there compared to Clarksville’s population?

There are two sets of numbers here. The first is the total number of crimes committed in Clarksville TN, and the second is how often those crime rates occur within an area that correlates with the average size city (about 30k).  

Number of Crimes: 50043/863=58.2 per day (1423 per week), 8612 per month, 25204 per year.

Rate by Population Size: 1-15 Crime(s)/City Populations)    5800/30 = 186*

 They’re about equal so within reason one could assume that a standard population city has twice as many crimes as we do….but it depends on what you mean by “standard”

What are the biggest problems with crime in Clarksville? (i.e gang activity, drug trade, etc.)

The usual domestic-related issues, as well as a surging drug problem, is what make this city dangerous.   This translates to most acts of violence being in some way related to drugs and/or alcohol use. Because of this fact, we have a rather high murder rate as well, which tends to scare people away from visiting or living here.

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Most crimes committed here revolve around drugs and/or alcohol use at one point or another and often end in either injury or death to a person involved. No matter how you look at it, Clarksville has an enormous growing problem on its hands and time will tell how it will affect the city.

Are the locals generally friendly? And if so, are they helpful to tourists and travelers?

Most people I encounter here are very friendly but that kind of goes with most places these days. The only place where this is not true is in the Riverside Park/ Main Street area of downtown which we tend to avoid anyway since it has no redeeming touristy values. Many people (locals) would like us to think otherwise, but it’s best not to venture down there at nightstick to Cumberland Square or other areas frequented by tourists.

Also, do NOT take any drugs from strangers while down there under any circumstances! We don’t want your business going straight up in smoke because you felt it was safe to take a drug from someone you didn’t know.

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