Rosebank, Nashville, TN

Rosebank is a neighborhood in the city of Nashville with about 1,610 residents. The population has been steadily growing for years as more and more people are drawn to this tranquil place in Tennessee’s bustling metropolis.

Nashville is a city that’s known for its music, but it has many other aspects to offer as well. Near the downtown area lies Rosebank – one of Nashville’s oldest neighborhoods located about 4 miles from the town center.

Nashville, Tennessee’s Rosebank neighborhood is ranked as the 5th best in Nashville and 6th in the state. The residents of this one-of-a-kind location enjoy an exceptional livability score that has them scoring higher than 91% of neighborhoods on their scale.

Rosebank is a great city for people who want to save money on housing costs. The cost of living in Rosebank, Nashville, TN,  is 1% lower than the Nashville average and 12% below the national average, meaning that your paychecks go farther with less spending power used up by essential expenses like groceries or gas prices.

Therefore, Rosebank is a great place to live because it’s affordable, housing prices are low, and the cost of living (including groceries) is well below average.

The socioeconomic status of Rosebank is surprisingly low. Despite the unemployment rate being 72% lower than that of the national average, males earn 41% more on median earnings than females, and the residents make 5% less per household than the national average while there is no difference in poverty levels with other parts across America.

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Rosebank has a higher crime rate than the national average. Violent crimes are 201% more likely in Rosebank, and you’ll have just over one chance out of every 15 to become a victim of crime here. The city is safer than 39% of Tennessee’s other cities, though.

Rosebank has a higher percentage of students who have completed 8th grade and high school than the national average, but not as many with college degrees.

Compared to Nashville, Rosebank has a significantly lower population density. In Rosebank, the median age is 31% higher than the one reported for Nashville, and it also has more White people living there with 77.52%. On the other hand, 21.79% of its residents are Black which means that statistically, Blacks live less in this town compared to those who have settled near Tennessee’s capital city.

Rosebank is a hidden gem for affordable housing, with prices well below the Nashville average and rental rates that are 71% lower compared to the Nashville average.

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