The Johnny Cash Museum located in Nashville

The Johnny Cash Museum is a museum dedicated to the life and legacy of country music icon Johnny Cash. The world’s only all-Johnny-Cash experience includes interactive exhibits that walk visitors through his entire career from:

  • Sun Records days to American Recordings
  • an extensive collection of memorabilia including handwritten lyrics, awards, and clothing he wore in public performances
  • films about how this legendary singer influenced musicians today like Bruce Springsteen or Willie Nelson with songs such as “I Walk the Line” or “Ring of Fire”
  • concerts by tribute bands every Saturday night where you can kick back on our patio while taking it all in.

The Johnny Cash Museum is an interactive experience that allows visitors to explore the life and legacy of Johnny Cash. The museum features a comprehensive collection of artifacts, including handwritten lyrics, instruments from his collections, clothing worn in some iconic photos as well as dozens of more pieces never shown before publically one-of-a-kind letters written by Johnny himself.

Located in the heart of Downtown Nashville, Johnny Cash Museum is one of only six attractions to receive a coveted AAA Gem Rating. The center features an enormous collection that includes artifacts and memorabilia from Johnny’s life.

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While you’re visiting the Johnny Cash Museum, stop by for authentic BBQ and Southern food. Don’t forget to enjoy a great drink or two before taking in some of Nashville’s best live music at our not-to-miss bar next door!

Located on 121 Third Ave S., we’ll have everything that your heart desires while reminiscing about one Tennessee boy who will always be rockin’ Memphis through us all.

The Johnny Cash Museum, located at 119 3rd Ave S, Nashville, TN 37201-2032, is the perfect getaway for any country-loving music lover. It features a wide variety of memorabilia from all over his career and offers an informative tour so you can learn everything there is to know about one of America’s most iconic musicians. Enjoy exploring on your own or with friends.

Please leave all your bags and unattended items such as strollers outside the museum. Security will not allow you to enter if they see any of these insides, except for small purses or backpacks that are barely noticeable.

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