Hermitage Hills, Nashville, TN

The Hermitage Hills neighborhood in Nashville is a cozy, small community located about 7.6 miles from the busy city of downtown Nashville with an estimated population of 1,610 people. It’s one that has been established for many years and offers fantastic homes at affordable prices as well as convenient access to entertainment venues such as restaurants and shopping malls.

The quaint little town known by locals simply as “Hermitage” (due to its close proximity) is generously bordered on all sides by scenic green spaces perfect for picnics or morning walks alike. Though it may be just over seven miles away from bustling Broadway Street, where you can find live music down every block each day after work hours – this suburbia locale provides everything needed.

Hermitage Hills is the 4th most livable neighborhood in Nashville and ranks 5th best in Tennessee. With an exceptional score of 83% on its Livability Index, you are sure to live in a great place to call home.

As compared to the Nashville average, living in Hermitage Hills is 5% more expensive.  The housing market there is 19% lower than the nation’s average and provides affordable options for all budgets; this means that you can buy your dream home without breaking your budget.

Hermitage Hills is one of the safest cities in Tennessee. The violent crime rate is 4% higher than the national average and a 1 in 74 chance of becoming victim of crime. It is safer than 88% of other Tennessee cities.

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In Hermitage Hills, the median household income is 27% lower than that of America. On top of this statistic, male earnings are 41% higher while female averages lag behind by 3%. Further yet still in contrast with national standards is the unemployment rate; at 35%, it remains 25 percentage points below what’s seen on a nationwide scale. These three factors contribute to making poverty levels equal those found nationwide and average per capita incomes 6% less than expected from general statistics for larger areas.

In a recent study, the school test scores in Hermitage Hills are 15% lower than the national average. In total, there are n/a public schools that serve this suburb of Nashville. Approximately 91% of people have finished 8th grade, and 88.9 % have completed high school, with 23.5% completing a bachelor’s degree or higher education level so far in their lifetime.

In Hermitage Hills, you’ll find a lot more breathing room than in Nashville. The median age is 4% higher and the population density 56% lower, with only 72.34% of residents being White (compared to 90%). When it comes to racial diversity, however, 23.55 % of its populace are Black.

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