Hoggett Ford Road, Nashville, TN

The Hoggett Ford Road neighborhood in Nashville, Tennessee, is a beautiful suburban area that has everything you need. There are two schools: one elementary and one middle school.

The population of this small town is about 651 people who enjoy the great weather year-round with an average high temperature of 76 degrees Fahrenheit during January and February to 81 degrees Fahrenheit during July through September – perfect for outdoor activities.

Hoggett Ford Road, named for the founder of Hoggett Ford Dealership, is a small neighborhood located in north Nashville, 8.4 miles away from downtown.

It’s home to over 650 people and offers residents everything they need within walking distance, such as grocery stores like Kroger or Publix Supermarket, restaurants in addition to bars that serve up drinks till 2 am.

This beautiful suburban area is a great place to live. The livability score of the neighborhood ranks better than 87% of neighborhoods in Nashville, and it’s also ranked 9th best out of all Tennessee locations; Hoggett Ford Rd has an exceptional rating for living conditions, coming 8th overall neighborhood in Nashville in terms of quality-of-life assessment by AreaVibes.com.

In Hoggett Ford Road, the cost of living is 13% higher than the Nashville average and equal to that of the national average. Housing costs are 6% above what would be expected for a town like this, but housing prices on other amenities such as food or transportation are typically below-average when comparing them with towns across America.

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Hoggett Ford Road is an oasis of safety in Tennessee. Violent crimes are 43% lower than the national average and 12% lower than the state’s average, but this doesn’t take into account Hoggett Ford Street’s 1-in-46 chance to become a victim of crime – which is actually less likely than 93 percent of all other cities.

Hoggett Ford Road is an affluent suburb that outshines the national average in over half of its economic indicators. Higher median earnings for men and higher income per capita are only some of these successes, while poverty levels remain fairly equitable with those across the country as a whole.

The unemployment rate, however, remains 16% greater than what’s seen nationally – a worrisome statistic given how much weight this number holds when it comes to financial stability and quality-of-life measurements.

Hoggett Ford Road is doing well in terms of education. The school test scores are equal to the national average, and 87.7% of people have completed 8th grade or higher, while 42.5% have completed a bachelor’s degree.

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