Oak Hill, Nashville TN

Oak Hill is a neighborhood located about 6.9 miles away from the bustling city of Nashville, with a population of about 4,686 people.

Close by to Nashville, the Oak Hill neighborhood is a picturesque place where you’ll find all sorts of quaint shops and restaurants. It’s also home to several parks with amenities that will keep your kids occupied for hours on end.

Oak Hill is a small city in Tennessee with an exceptional livability score. This makes it the 16th ranked place to live out of all areas in TN and gives Oak Hill better odds than 95% of towns or cities statewide that are trying to survive as places people want to call home.

In Oak Hill, the costs of living are so high that it’s 65% more than the state average and 45% higher than what is seen nationally. Housing prices here were found to be 158 percent greater compared to the national standard, making this an area where people can afford their payments.

In Oak Hill, you’re safer than 70% of the cities in America. Violent crimes are 59% lower, and there’s a 1-in-119 chance that someone will become victim to crime.  Residents can enjoy a safer life thanks to lower than average crime rates. The city of Oak Hill has less violent crimes and fewer property-related offenses than the national average.

Oak Hill is a town in America with an income per capita that’s 138% higher than the national average. The median household income for Oak Hills residents is 168% greater than the rest of Americans, and male earnings have 41% more on them as well.

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One thing that makes it easy to enjoy this type of lifestyle? Unemployment rates here are 56 % lower – so you’ll be able to live without fear of being laid off from your job or worry about what might happen if you quit work altogether because there will always be plenty available.

In Oak Hill, the school test scores are 46% higher than the national average. 96.7% of people in this city have completed 8th grade, and it is a sign that they care about education because, after all – if you don’t go to class, then how would you know what’s going on?

If high-school students here can do anything well, it seems like getting their diplomas. 77.2 % of them managed to get at least one degree from a college which means we’re graduating more qualified citizens into our society every year.

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